Long Drywall Day

We had a lazy morning today, and took our sweet time with breakfast and TV. But around 11:30 AM, we suited up and worked a pretty full day in the living room.

We added an additional 3/8″ sheet to this wall earlier in the week, so that the final 1/2″ drywall would be flush with the first window wall.

For each sheet, we’re doing a bit of dry fitting first. But after that, we’re throwing up some Liquid Nails on the wall and affixing the final sheet on together. The process has been a little tricky, as we’re also using a set of mini/foot lifters, to get the sheet up against the ceiling.

We had a lot of back and forth, but eventually found a good process. One thing we learned: if we don’t ensure the top of the sheet is flat against the wall and we lift it using the mini lifters… when we pull the sheet against the wall, we sometimes risk cracking the top edges of the sheet.

Even with us aware of this, we’ve gotten a few small breaks. Fixes for the taper, I guess, but we’re starting to learn some of the nuances – beyond just cut a sheet, slap it on, screw it in, next.

We’re slower, but we’re learning. Comes with the territory.

Liz, using the multitool to cut out the window opening. We could have tried to measure and cut it out prior to install… but that would have made the drywall a more fragile and harder to handle. Easier to just cut it out after it’s in place.

Liz and I put in a really long day, and kept going until around 8:30 or so.

Drywall Night

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