Who is Missing This?

I know the convention is to take found articles of clothing and drape them on a naerby fence, just in case the owner comes back looking. This tends to happen with kids’ clothing: baby shoes or gloves or hats.

But this? I’m… not really sure what happened here. Or whether the prior owner is coming back? Though I’d really love to know what led up to this moment. Hats off to the polite person who decided to hang this thing up on the fence, just in case.

One more thing I’m just never going to get closure on. Ah well.

I forgot that about 10 years ago, I was documenting found clothing I encountered draped over fences. I’m starting to amass a pretty full (but pretty weird) outfit. The work continues.

Building an outfit, one piece at a time
Lonely Shoes
Now all I need is to find a pair of pants…
Strange Shit I Found, Walking Home

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