Living Room Drywall Work

A few photos here, documenting the living room work that’s gone on this week. We tackled the small wall on the North side of the living room by removing the initial piece of drywall we had put up.

This wall needed to get built out more, so Liz came up with the approach of shimming against the studs with varying layers of masonite… then re-fastening the original drywall. All before putting on another layer of backer board (at the bottom) and another 1/2″ run of drywall on top.

It got complicated, but Liz had it all sorted.

Cutting out space for an outlet, for a larger piece on the North wall. The area this was getting added to was pretty tricky, in that we had an area in the original drywall that had bowed a lot. I think we accidentally missed a nail, which resulted in a slight protrusion.

We trimmed a bit down manually (it wasn’t pretty), but the final 1/2″ piece seemed to eat up a lot of the visual difference. At least, we hope it did.

For the record, I wasn’t super pleasant to work with this week. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve just not been feeling great after work, or if it’s just my natural inclination to be grumpy… but it should get noted that Liz had to put up with a lot of my grumbling this week. On more than one night.

Long Drywall Day

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