If I Were a Carpenter

Recently, I was listening to an old mix I created ages ago… back on Rdio (man I really miss that service, and have finally, begrudgingly accepted Spotify’s reign). The mix was a random assortment of favorite songs that I think I made for my birthday party a few years back.

On that mix, I remembered an album from that space in my early college years: If I Were a Carpenter. This was a tribute album, and the funny thing is I remembered hearing a lot of Carpenters’ songs on an easy listening station my parents would play in the car.

It seems fitting that I’m having a bit of nostalgia for an album that, in its creation, was a tribute to nostalgia as well.

The full list of artists on the album is pretty interesting. Of particular note: (They Long to Be) Close to You, by The Cranberries, and Let Me Be the One, by Matthew Sweet.

Coming across this old playlist has been really fun – I’m rediscovering stuff I have in my “library” that I haven’t heard in an age. I guess in prior generations, this would be physically coming across old albums or cassettes… but for me now, it’s all stored on someone else’s server.

Digital nostalgia. Kinda weird.

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