Home Depot Date Night

Tonight after work, Liz and I took Bob’s truck out to Home Depot for our version of date night. We got six sheets of 1/2″ lightweight drywall (for the ceiling in the living room), and also got an assortment of other things while we were there: a few drill bits, insulation, Great Stuff foam, a new lamp, a box of Liquid Nails, a few new sets of gloves (I have three pairs of patched gloves around the house), and a new ladder.

It was quite the haul, but having Bob’s truck really made things handy. We’d gotten into a good rhythm/pattern for hauling drywall in, and that helped making unloading the truck not too bad.

It’s a busy week this week, but we’re pretty stocked up and ready to go when the work days provide a bit of a break for us to have a work night.

Home Depot Pickup
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