Dan Frick: Astronaut

My friend, Dan Frick, recently released a music video for his song “Astronaut.” This is from his album “These Easy Nights.”

I’ve long been a fan of this song, and my absolute favorite lines are:

It’s impossible to comprehend
how it’s possible
that in every ending you and I
meet again

I’m delighted to hear this song once more, and if you’re not familiar with his music… you should go check it out.

Many (many) years back, I made a visualization of this song. To this day, I still have a soft spot in my heart for that particular version of the song. I’m saddened that the original visualization experiment was done in Flash, and no longer works.

Some day, I really do want to do a newer version of that visualization. Would be nice to get that working again, sans Flash. Bring it up to date with things.

Dan Frick: These Easy Nights
Old Friends in Chicago

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