Dining Room, Ceiling Drywall, Day 2

We woke up early this morning as well, but got a slightly earlier start today than yesterday. Liz and I both wanted to hit it hard earlier in the day, with the hopes that we’d have some time in the afternoon/evening to actually enjoy our weekend some.

With just a few smaller cuts left to do (and only one tricky piece), we felt optimistic that today would be faster than yesterday.

Most of the pieces we had were still 4′ wide, and mostly the same length. The piece on the far right was really tricky, given that we had a hard time maneuvering the Bakers scaffold, lift, and a ladder all in that corner.

That first piece was really stressful to get in, as Liz and I both were up and manually trying to hold and position it almost by hand.

But after that first one, every subsequent piece got a little easier.

The ceiling drywall all done, looking North.

Ceiling drywall, looking East (towards the kitchen). Of particular note, that piece on the bottom left was the one really custom cut we had.

It should be noted for the record that Liz measured everything, transferred those dimensions to the board, and on dry fitting it… it popped in and fit like a glove.

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