I’ve been taken with the newest adaptation of Dracula on Netflix, written by Steven Moffat and Mark Gattis. I’ve loved their writing, and realizing they were involved pulled me even more into this series.

Liz started watching it first, and I happened into the second half of the first episode. And from there, I was hooked.

Unlike many new Netflix shows, this isn’t an ongoing series (at least, I don’t imagine it to be). True to BBC’s form, they’re individually lengthy episodes (an hour thirty or so each), and only three episodes per season.

Claes Bang does a really amazing job of playing Dracula, and his back and forth with Dolly Wells is really the draw. Wells’ performance, and her antagonistic, scientific fascination with Dracula is a really great take. Did I mention there’s a showdown at a nunnery in the first episode?

For me, the use of crucibles (the nunnery, the ship) was a big part of the tension. If you are a fan of the original story – and in particular if you are fans of Moffat and Gattis – I think this is worth checking out.

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