Spent some time tonight going over my Arduino book, and playing around with another basic project.

I’ve been wanting to wait until I can carve out a large chunk of time for this, and it never seems to happen. I’m reminded of my earlier time trying to write, and always waiting or hoping for some big block of time… only to realize that I needed to grab what snippets of time I could, no matter where they appeared.

I’ve taken to try to read more of my book during lunch or on the train. I’ve been only somewhat successful in that, but it’s helped. There’s a part of me that wants to study and better understand some of the basics of electronics. And then there’s a bigger part of me that just wants to ignore the fundamentals, and just dive in and hook up that liquid crystal display to see what cool things we can make happen.

So far I’ve been more on the slow and cautious side. But hopefully I can find a good balance between study and creation (which is where I feel I’ll get more motivation, the more I make).

First Arduino Project
Waiting to Get Started

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