A Late Friday Night House Night

The fact that today was a Friday didn’t really mean much of anything. After work, and after the close of the work week… Liz and I spent a while working on the house. I was at work a bit later than usual, but joined in once I got back home.

We are hoping to put up plywood onto this wall tomorrow, but before that can happen… we had several spacer pieces we needed to fit in, between some of the studs. A few of the studs had gotten out of plumb, and Bob helped us pull things back together with a series of clamps.

Working on the East side of the wall involved getting behind the wall (an area that we had filled up, as a kind of temporary storage area). Rather than actually move anything out of the way, I opted to go the lazy route and climbed in, using what little space was available.

Liz and I continued working into the night after Bob left, and didn’t end up stopping until about 10:00 PM. Which made for a very, very long day. We didn’t quite finish all the spacers (we ran out of screws), but got pretty close.

We barely had time to get some dinner together, and more or less just conked out soon after. A very productive, and very long day.

Dining Room Wall Work, Continued

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