Taping the Living Room, Day 1

Today, I came home to find that our taper, Flavio, had been hard at work on his first pass of the living room.

There’s still a second layer of mud and sanding to go, but already the room is starting to actually look like… an actual room.

Bob still has a patch of drywall that he needs to install (it’s getting screwed into the brick above the fireplace), but once that’s done we should be finished with the walls in this room. Come Sunday night, the goal is to have the room fully done by Flavio, and then we’re ready for windows and who knows what next after that.

I’ve been pretty bleary-eyed since our work last night. And both Liz and I are pretty exhausted. But it’s exciting to see this room shape up, and I look forward to seeing its progression over the course of the weekend.

Things are still messy, but for now… I’m in awe that those big gaps and seams we left in our wake are starting to disappear.

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