Dining Room Shuffle and Drywall

After running errands in the early AM, and a mid-morning breakfast, Liz and I got to work on the dining room. We were both still feeling the effects of Thursday night, but wanted to continue progress on the dining room today.

With a taper now working on our living room, our goal is to have this room ready for him next.

As more rooms get closer to being finished, the available space we have for supplies gets tighter. We have less options for staging areas, and so we had to relocate a lot of boxes and things down to the basement.

We were working pretty much in a constant flurry, and the next thing I knew it was close to 1:30 PM. Which is weird because it felt like we just blinked, and then we lost a few hours.

For now, most of the 10′ 1/2″ drywall boards are against the fireplace and the 8′ 3/8″ drywall is leaning up against the south wall. A lot of shuffling and moving things about.

Our goal for the day: put up 1/2″ along the north wall, and add 1/2″ to the inside of the cupboard (on the right).

Another flurry of hours went by. Liz was aiming to stop work around 3:00 PM, given that she still is recovering from an illness last week. But as it happens with house work, we get momentum and just continue to keep on going.

We stopped at 4:30 to eat a very late lunch, and then picked up again.

It may be hard to tell from this, but the wall is now covered with 1’2″ drywall.

Our taper was also working in the living room, during the late afternoon. When he finished his second round, he was able to come over and tape up the interior of the cabinet. No one’s ever going to really see this, but Bob told us we needed the drywall mudded/taped for code.

A cabinet will eventually be put in here, in front of all the drywall. So we just got things covered up (no sanding needed). Our short term place is to just put up a big piece of drywall covering this whole area, and cut it out when we’re ready to tackle it as another project.

Around 6:00 PM, Liz and I found ourselves assessing things. Our goal is to try to have this room done and ready for the taper by next weekend. To that end, the more we could finish up front, the less work and “scramble” we might have towards the middle and end of the week.

With the cabinet interior done, we just had to cut a 10′ board and slap it up. We debated a bit, and then Liz said “Let’s just stop talking and do it.”

We still had probably an hour’s worth of cleanup work still left to do, as well as getting the bunnies back downstairs (we took them upstairs for the day). But this seemed advantageous to tackle, so we pushed and kept on going. Momentum, and all that.

Putting in the large, last sheet of the day. I was definitely losing steam by this point.

We had more things to move around, to make materials available for tomorrow. Shuffle shuffle.

Looking into the living room, after the second day of the taper working in here.

Window area.

I have to say – this view of the fireplace was shocking to me. I’ve been used to seeing the room (and fireplace) in such disarray… the image of it closer to its “normal” state caught my breath for a moment.

Looking at our work from Thursday night. Also, the bunnies looking in to see what all the noise and fuss was about, today.

We sat and talked in the kitchen a while afterwards, decompressing. And I think we headed up to shower and change closer to 8:30 PM. Long, long day.

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