Solo Dining Room Drywall Run

Liz was off visiting friends today, and Bob was in Valpo working on a project for Julie. Though I was on my own today, I decided I wanted to make some additional progress on the dining room.

I’m still not sure if we can make our deadline of having this room done by next weekend. But the more I can get done now (this weekend), the better off we’ll be. So it made sense to try to put a little more time on my own.

I should say: this is a daunting task. Liz is the one who generally does the measuring and layout. I help cut and position, but she’s the one who does all the prep work. I haul the board and do the install, but we’ve had a natural split of tasks when we work together.

Today? It’s just me. And so I took a little while before I got going, trying to figure out my plan of attack.

The goal: put up my backer board around the door, and put up the first layer of 3/8″ drywall over the fireplace. We’ve got some plans for this area, but we’ve decided to make it a future project. And so for now, we’ll just cover it with drywall until we’re ready to actually open it up and work on it again.

Cleaned out the interior. I was half tempted to tape a little sign on the wall, in that no one else would see it until we busted through this drywall again (in some future).

I’m used to putting a big board of drywall on two horses, and cutting it while the board is horizontal. Today, with no one else to work with… I opted to move the 3/8″ boards and put them on their sides. And from there, I used the T-square to figure out my cut. And just cut the pieces while they were on their sides.

Liz has done this much more than me, but I had pretty decent success cutting and snapping the boards in this position.

Work done! I ended up relocating the backer board that was above the door, moving it so that it ended in the middle of a stud. I cut a few pieces of plyowood and got them situated around the door (along with a 1.25″ custom bit of plywood that helped bridge a small gap on the left).

The two boards above the fireplace were big, but manageable for me. Ultimately they were just rectangles and I didn’t have too much trouble with those pieces.

At certain points, I found myself hesitating. And then I wondered: why am I hesitating? What does delaying really do? I either trust my measurements or I don’t. Once I decided to trust my measurements, I got a little faster.

The bit of drywall above the door turned out to be just right at 48″. So this meant that some of my cutoff pieces worked perfectly, since the boards were naturally 4′ wide.

Towards the end of the night, I got in a flurry with picking up and cleaning the rooms. Our taper came over today, for a final round of sanding in the living room. I was too tired to get photos, it’s an amazing transformation – and crazy to look in and see an actual room again.

I used the shop vac on all three rooms (dining room, hall, living room), and got a good layer of dust removed. I started work today around 11:30 AM, and officially got done somewhere close to 7:00 PM.

I’ve relied a lot on Liz doing the measurements and layouts. Today, I felt pretty proud in that I had to do a lot of that on my own, and didn’t bork things up too badly. I covered some good ground, and set us up for the work we’ve got this next week.

And now… it’s time for me to relax a little. And get a little decompression time in, before the work work and home work start up again.

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