A Late House Night

Tonight, as we began work on the house… Liz and I were surprised to get a call from Bob around 6:00 PM, and learned he was showing up with some ductwork in tow. And also that Julie was with him!

All of us began working and hanging out in the dining room together, with Bob focusing on the duct work and Liz and I continuing to drywall. Despite the cramped space, we managed to navigate around one another pretty well.

One of a few custom boots Bob created, to help with the unique return system he designed for the wall where our pocket doors reside.

The returns from the dining room side.

And from the main hall (other side of the wall).

Liz and I put up some of the remaining 3/8″ above the pocket door.

And we also blasted our way over the fireplace, putting up 1/2″ across a lot of the work I did yesterday. We got one piece across the fireplace towards the end of the night, and I suggested we do the last remaining piece. It was a straight 48″ across, so it would just be one cut. And we got that last one knocked out in pretty short order.

Settling in for a pretty late dinner/snack, along with some scotch at our makeshift table. I was reminded of our first family dinner in the house, oh so many years ago. We were all working late tonight, and finished up closer to 10:00 PM.

We’re getting closer to having a real dining room again, with each bit of work we do.

Solo Dining Room Drywall Run

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