Basement Door Drywall, Re-Do

On Friday, we got home to find Bob working in the dining room. In addition to putting up a wall between the fireplace and kitchen, he had taken down a lot of the 1/2″ board we put up the night before.

This was a disheartening thing to see: most of our work, in piles of rubble around the room. Apparently, we didn’t have a beveled edge over the door, and there were waves in the pieces we installed. So he spent a while tearing that out so we could start again.

After a lot of cleanup, Bob and I got two fresh boards up, completing the drywall around the room and over the basement door. With the work we had to throw away, this still left us lacking a 10′ board, so we could complete the rest of the room. Bob promised to get us that sheet tomorrow.

We used to have all the 10′ boards leaning against the fireplace, as this was the only spot to store them. It’s crazy now to see that we’ve used up all the boards, and to see the fireplace once more.

Another Late House Night

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