Last Dining Room Drywall

Bob came over with Julie today, and framed out an opening for our laundry chute in the wall he built yesterday. He also dropped off a single 10′ board, for us to finish up the drywall in the room.

Liz joined the three of us late in the afternoon, and we all walked over to Jolly Pumpkin for some beer and sandwiches (kind of a late lunch / early dinner kind of thing). We had a leisurely late afternoon, hanging out as the sun set.

Back home, after Julie and Bob left, Liz and I continued to finish up the dining room work.

Adding 3/8″ drywall for the first layer.

Bob also pointed out a section of the ceiling that was really spongy. He advised us to address it, particularly since it was along a seam; left untreated, it more or less guaranteed a future crack would appear.

He had a few approaches, and we went with cutting 1/2″ into the “loose” drywall. We then pried down the drywall (ever so gently), and threw in a ton of Liquid Nails, leaving it to harden overnight.

The last 1/2″ bit of drywall was, of course, the trickiest for us to install. We got the measurements right, and dryfitting was pretty good. But we had to lift and almost get the piece fitted from an angle. It was really awkward and stressful, but once it went in it was pretty good.

Another late night, with us eating dinner sometime after 11:30 PM and getting to bed sometime around 1:00 AM. But the upside is that we have the dining room drywall all done! Officially, all done.

Dining Room Shuffle and Drywall

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