Birthday Dinner at Osteria Langhe

Yesterday, we spent most of the day working on the house (cleanup mostly). But in the evening, we went out for a lovely, relaxing birthday dinner at Osteria Langhe.

We arrived early (6PM), and the place slowly filled up as we had our meal.

My lovely birthday dinner date!

I had wine and Liz had some Vermouth (which I’ve never had as just a drink, only as a part of a martini). Along with our drinks we had the Plin (hand pinched ravioli, la tur cheese, thyme, butter) which was fantastic.

Liz’s choice for dinner was Anatra (roasted duck breast, cocoa foie gras, caramel apples, crispy potato). I was pretty in love with my meal, but after tasting hers I was really swayed.

Risotto Carbonara (pork belly, peas, parmigiano, sunny egg, black pepper).

Nocciola for dessert (chocolate hazelnut pie, Nutella, whipped cream).

A view of the restaurant on our way out.

Liz, with yet another of her books that I’m sure she has stockpiled somewhere.

Grief should be
Like joy, majestic, equable, sedate,
Confirming, cleansing, raising, making free.
Strong to consume small troubles; to commend
Great thoughts, grave thoughts, thoughts lasting to
the end.

Thanks, babe. This really picked me right up.

The big gift: a Bisley desk cabinet (which is perfect for my desk, and for all my Arduino stuff that’s starting to spill over everywhere).

This wasn’t exactly what I might pick up for myself, but it’s a very rugged solution that’s going to provide a lot of much needed storage. And definitely feels more substantial than the cheap-o plastic boxes I was considering.

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