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Earlier this week, we got emails at Grubhub saying folks were free to work from home if they wanted to. If an employee felt safer or preferred to stay at home, this was fine given that their manager could work out the remote situation with them.

I debated for a long while and ultimately decided today that I’d be working from home tomorrow. And though I hadn’t really admitted it, that also meant I’d be working at home next week as well. Indefinitely, perhaps.

At her work, Liz’s department was scheduling a “test” work from home day for everyone, next week. While my team at Grubhub is a partially distributed team, this was a newer thing for Liz’s team as a whole (though individual members do WFH from time to time).

Today, we found out that they were going to change their “test” day to tomorrow. So after work, I walked over to Liz’s office to help her take home a few things.

// Edit: Since the time of this writing, we’ve both gotten newer emails from our employers. For Grubhub, the message has switched to a recommendation that everyone work from home (and only come in the office if necessary). And Liz’s department will now also be working remotely starting next week.

As far as we can tell, this is our situation until the end of the month. And, I presume, longer beyond that – but maybe we’ll see again when April rolls around.

Things are definitely changing at a pretty fast pace. It’s going to be a very interesting, and very different next few weeks. And possibly months.

[photo via Nikola Balic]

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