More People, Less Food: Grocery Store Run, Saturday AM

Saturday morning, I decided I wanted to go out and get some additional groceries for the week. Liz went over some recipes that have lasted us several days in the past, and I opted to go get some supplies given that we’ll be working from home a lot more, moving forward.

Before looking at the photos, I should say this: it was crowded. It was not great. But it wasn’t as bad as some of these photos may appear. Crowded, and less food – but I did walk away with every item on my list.

In the parking garage, I usually park on the second floor. On average, there are maybe 5 other cars there when I show up (circa 7:30 or 8:00 AM). This morning, there were easily 20-30 cars already there.

The produce section. Might be hard to see, but way more people and carts than I’m used to seeing. Usually it’s just me and maybe one or two other shoppers, along with the staff stocking produce.

There was definitely less food in many areas. The meat section was mostly picked over, but I was able to get what I needed from the butcher (our beef stew repice lasts us a good week, so that’s what we’re making).

The bread aisle though had some of the biggest empty sections. Note that it wasn’t like this everywhere, just this particular section of the bread aisle. If you look to the right, it wasn’t like it was completely empty.

Long lines to the self-checkout registers.

Long lines for the regular checkout.

Gathering Food, Gathering Storm
The Final Days of Strack & Van Til on Elston Avenue, Logan Square

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