Venturing Out to Vote

Today, Liz and I ventured out of the house to go vote in the Illinois Primaries. We both tried checking online, to see if our polling place was still valid (lots of last minute closings and cancellations), but the IL site we were using kept 404-ing. Because likely everyone else was doing the same thing.

Instead of going super early, Liz and I opted to head out around 10:30. The thinking being: everyone else probably went early to avoid crowds, so going mid-morning might have us being around fewer folks.

On arriving at our polling station, we learned it was closed down. And we had to go several more blocks North to another location. We ended up walking home and taking the car.

Funny thing: every time we saw someone walking towards us on the sidewalk, we made it a point to cross over to the other side of the street. We definitely kept our distance, and made sure we walked quickly anytime we had to pass someone (though most everyone else also kept their distance).

It did feel a bit eerie to me. Like we were at the very start of a zombie movie, where the main characters look around and realize just how few people there are walking around.

There was a bit of awkwardness, asking for this but refusing to have the woman who gave it to us put it on our wrists. Big kudos to those volunteers who showed up to keep the polls going, despite what really feels like a significant risk to their own health and well being.

While being out was nice, it also felt a bit wrong. Hard to believe it’s just the second day of everyone being at home (voluntarily). Time lately has felt really off, with a day feeling like 5 days. Last week felt like a month ago.

The Lonely Polling Place
Voting Pictorial: Illinois Primary 2008

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