Last Week, This Week, and the Next: Summary of the Coronavirus by Dr. Emily Landon

There are a lot of things clamoring for your attention right now. The news. Your kids. Your extended family and loved ones. Important things.

And now there’s me, also asking for a bit of your time and attention. Because I think this is worth watching and hearing. Because I think this is also important. It’s a video from Dr. Emily Landon, Lead Epidemiolgist at University of Chicago Medicine.

“For many of us, it may not be much more than the flu.
And so it could be very confusing as to why schools are closed, restaurants are shuttered. And now the virus is taking what’s left of our precious liberty.

But the real problem is not the 80% who will get over this in a week. It’s the 20% of patients, the older, those that are…”

“The numbers you see today, in the news, are the people who got sick a week ago. And there are still people today, who got sick today, who haven’t even noticed that they’ve been sick yet. They picked up the virus, and it will take a week to see that show in our numbers.”

I have yet to hear someone as persuasive and eloquent as Dr. Landon, and take great relief hearing her honesty and words. Someone must have caught wind of her speaking prowess prior to today, and I’m so very glad she had a chance to address Chicago and the state of Illinois at such a public occasion. What a fortuitous combination of communication skills and medical expertise.

I have been calmed by the words of Dr. Allison Arwady, and I’m happy to add Dr. Landon’s name to my list of people I turn to for information.

Anxiety in the Time of Coronavirus

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