Views from the Porch

At the end of each day, Liz and I try (me with less success) to end around 5:00 PM. And to then stand outside on our porch for a little bit, with a small dram of scotch.

We get to see some neighbors out walking their dogs, or going to… wherever it is they’re going. Fewer people for sure, but still some folks are out. The streets and sidewalks are fairly quiet anymore.

Our front yard, which is slowly shaking off the dreary colors of fall and winter, with a bit of green coming through. Sadly our new tree didn’t make the full year.

It’s not much of a view at all, but I want to have some photos of this time. To look back and have some documentation of our experiences during the outbreak. I have a growing fear that seems to get validated with each day, that we will be looking to isolate ourselves well into April and beyond.

A New Tree for the Front Yard
Yard Work, New Plants

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