Video Drinks with Chris and Ben

Spent some time tonight doing a video thing with Chris and Ben. We were going to play some games together, but ended up spending the first part of our call catching up and just talking about the state of our lives.

I learned that Allison was really prescient about all of this, and had begun stocking up on supplies long before any of us began to furrow our brows. I’m guessing she must have felt a bit like Cassandra a few months ago… but not so now.

Ben, for his part, was also advocating for his direct reports to be allowed to work from home, citing to his superiors that they had a “moral obligation” to do so. This was around March 11th I think. Whatever the actual date, I know he was ahead of other businesses in their shift from in-office to remote.

I’ve been struggling and worrying a lot this week. So to see these two, to talk a bit, and to laugh a lot helped immensely. We ended up playing a few rounds of Drawful 2, and also one round of Quiplash. A fun respite, but definitely games better suited for 5+ folks. Hopefully we have another session in the future, and can get more folks involved.

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