Playing Games with the Fords

Got to play another round of games with family, as tonight we got a lot of Tricia and Darryl’s family online with us. I was in the office upstairs, Liz was on her computer downstairs, and we were playing with Darryl, Sebastian, Audrey, and Paige.

We started off with Drawful 2, but with all the connected devices they had at the household… Audrey’s machine kept freezing up. So we got about halfway through two games. But had enough time for the kids to get a sense of how the game worked, and a few fun rounds.

We then switched to Quiplash, which was a little easier for everyone to use (and no problems with connectivity).

Originally, Tricia joined our call from her car (she was driving home from work, and is in the military working in emergency management). She dropped off to ease up on the connection during the drawing game, but arrived towards the end of our Quiplash session to watch a bit.

It’s tough to only see family via video, and doubly so since it’s been harder to see the Fords. But video has gotten better over the years, and while it pales to being in the same room… it’s still something that can connect us, despite our distances.

Was great seeing everyone again, and especially laughing with everyone.

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