Setting up the Washer

It’s been several weeks since we started to self-isolate at home. And in that time, I haven’t really felt motivated to do… well, to do much at all.

The laundry has been piling up. And under normal circumstances, I’d be going to the laundromat. But we’ve had a washer/dryer combo sitting in the basement for some time now, waiting to get hooked up.

We’ve punted on setting these up, choosing instead to focus on the first floor of the house. It was a conscious choice, and the bulk of our efforts have been on getting the first floor a bit more in shape, a bit more habitable.

So despite having the appliances, our time we felt was better spent outside of the basement.

Cue the Coronavirus.

With added incentive to not go outside, we decided this week would be the week we hooked up our washer/dryer.

Despite the washer being a little heavy, I was able to use a dolly to pop these two up onto our housekeeping pad.

There are these “shipping bolts” on the back of the washer. They’re meant to hold the interior mechanisms in place while in transit, but are meant to be removed prior to use. I think they’re also something you can add back in, if you ever move the washer again.

These were easy to loosen, but a bit of a bear to pull out. At first, I thought they’d pop right out. But they ended up requiring a decent amount of force to extract. I had to look up a few videos to see whether they came out 100% or not, or if the bolts I had had gotten bent in some way.

My makeshift workstation.

With the washer hooked up, Liz came down to look over the setup/test instructions.

And we’ve got power!

I love that this thing plays what, to me, sounds very much like a pirate sea shanty.

Bonus: if you look really closely at the reflection on the main knob, you can see Liz’s reaction.

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