Busy Working Weekend

Over the weekend, Liz was pretty much at her desk, working.

We’ve been self-isolating since mid-March, and like most others fortunate enough to have remote-friendly work… we’ve been working from home. At times though, the boundary lines can get a little blurry.

Had a fun chat wiht Liz, as she’s been trying to measure the impact that the Coronavirus has had (and will have) on DePaul’s students: tracking current students, new students, and what it all means for the DePaul, both this year and the next.

We had interesting conversations, talking about the difficulties in finding a comparable model that could be used. There are a lot of unknown factors, and it’s been interesting to hear how Liz has gone about trying to use data to work with/around those unknowns.

When I asked her about the work, she described it as “fun stuff.” And seemed genuinely engaged in what she was doing. I’m normally the one working outside of normal hours, so it’s been an interesting role reversal this weekend.

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