Setting Up the Dryer

A few days ago, I ordered up a gas installation kit off of Amazon. There was a bit of old flex around the basement, but I felt better about trying to work with something new.

Setting up the dryer was a bit more of a daunting task, in that I had to do more than plug in the appliance: I had to hook up the gas line as well.

I’ve had the good fortune to watch and work alongside Bob for a while now. And though I’m far from a professional, I felt like I knew enough basics to be able to pull this setup off.

First off, I needed a fitting for the line that came out of the appliance. At first, I looked at all the fittings that came with the kit and was disheartened: it looked like I was missing what I needed.

On close inspection, one of the connectors was a 1/2″ male, but doubled with a 3/8″ female interior! I was on the verge of walking out to Ace Hardware, but then realized I had everything I needed.

Added a bit of pipe dope, and got the connector snugly in place. Definintely made sure not to add pipe dope to the flanged end.

Next up was the hardest bit: removing the existing gas line. Originally, I had intended to just pop off the cap. I struggled with this a bit, and decided halfway that it would be better to remove this length of pipe entirely (which connected to the gas shutoff valve).

Had I removed the cap only, it would have required me using a fitting (and adding pipe dope to both ends). Instead, I was able to work against the gas shutoff valve directly, which I think was better.

The kit I purchased came with a safety valve, which is meant to go between the gas source and the flex. Secured this with more pipe dope, and again made sure not to use any on the flanged end.

Connected up the gas to the appliance, and leak checked it (no bubbles).

I think that the proper way to install this would have been to install a sediment trap, with the gas coming out at a perpendicular angle.

But that was a bit more adventure than I was willing to take on, and so I just did a straightforward connection. There is a bit of a horizontal trap to the gas line, above, so that should help.

My thought was that this would serve for the short term, and that perhaps I could update the line here with a sediment trap with Bob, when we’re all about to be around one another again.

Our dryer also takes a cold water line, as part of its “steam dry” feature. So to pull this off, we split the cold water line feeing into the washer.

Gas is on!

Believe it or not, the most difficult and time-consuming part for me was actually installing the stupid aluminum duct. I kept trying to tighten it in place, and it kept slipping off. I easily spent the bulk of my time with this, and Liz ended up helping with the final install towards the end of the night.

Eventually though, the dryer got set up and we gave it a test spin.

Once again, clean clothes are forever going to be paired with this pirate sea shanty I hear.

I have to say, to date – working solo with a gas line is probably the most challenging thing I’ve done. I feel like I was very safe about all my steps, and I’ve been back down a few times trying to smell for any gas leaks (none so far).

After a very, very long while… and even though it’s kind of a temporary setup, it feels nice to have a washer and dryer in our house. Officially.

We’ve spent several years getting good at making our clothes dirty, working on the house. And after tonight, we’ve got a nice means of making those clothes clean again.

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