First Coronavirus Excursion

Liz and I have been holed up at the house for a good while now. Since around March 13th, we’ve been working from home. In that time, I’ve gone out to the grocery store myself only a few times – maybe two or three times.

We are fortunate to be in an area that supports grocery deliveries, and to be financially comfortable enough to not need to go out ourselves. We’ve made it our goal to avoid as much contact as possible, choosing to isolate ourselves for our protection as well as the protection of our neighbors and fellow Chicagoans.

Liz has had medication waiting for her at our local Walgreen’s. And knowing this was a need that would require us to leave the house… we decided to lump several other tasks on the same day. If we were going to be out and about, we may as well try to get all the things done.

This included: stopping at Liz’s office to print out documents, install updates and reboot her machine (which she remotes into), hitting the post office, stopping at our storage unit, stopping at Binny’s, stopping at Ace to get a propane tank exchanged.


I was really surprised at the number of people I saw out and about downtown, and especially surprised at the number of people who were walking around without face masks on. I know that for me, arriving back home was definitely a bit of a relief.

Venturing Out to Vote
Working Remote

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