Bunny Face Time

These is a photo of two very relaxed bunny rabbits.

Liz was down here, petting them both, and they more or less melted in place. Phineas for sure was really relaxed, and barely kept his head off the floor.

There’s not much of a power struggle anymore, though it does feel like Phineas somehow gained the dominant upper hand.

Fun fact: we usually keep the bunnies in a pen, in a smaller area of the first floor. But ever since mid-March, we’ve stopped “putting them away” in the evenings and they have free reign over the main hall area.

They definitely have room to roam around, and I’m wondering now how they’re going to adapt to being back to a small enclosure, once we return to normal. Once we leave for work in the mornings. Whenever that might be?

Face Smoosh
Bunny Power Struggle

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