Liz’s Birthday at Home

Sadly this year, with us staying at home… we didn’t have a very eventful birthday celebration for Liz. No chance to go out or do anything fun, no excursions, no events.

That said, I did try to get a few surprises in. I was able to place an order at Binny’s for a special bottle of Glengoyne (which Liz is fond of). I also got a cake from Vanille, and a nicer dinner from Roister.

The really great thing about Chicago: many services now offer curbside pickup. Binny’s has a thing where they’ll bring you alcohol out to your car (10aM – 12PM). Vanille offers curbside pickup, as do several higher end restaurants (all run through Tock).

I was able to go and get all of these great things, without risking actually going inside any establishment. Folks just came up and put things into the car: either in the trunk or the back seat.

I continue to feel very fortunate that we are able to weather the current pandemic in such comfort. And that we live in proximity to, and are able to afford, such luxuries. And very happy I was able to find some way to celebrate this amazing woman I had the good fortune and luck to meet.

In addition to my surprises, Liz also got gifts from Julie and Bob (who dropped off the gifts a week or so back). And also got a nice fruit arrangement delivered from Anne and Kirt. Lots of goodies from everyone.

No photos of all the food, but here’s us hanging out in the early evening playing a round of Ticket to Ride.

Liz’s face, soon after she realized I was about to end the game by putting all my trains on the board. It may have been her birthday, but I was able to wrangle a win.

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