A Surprise (and Socially Distanced) Mother’s Day in Valparaiso

Liz had in mind a surprise visit to Valparaiso for Mother’s day. While we knew we’d be unable to hang out directly, we still could find a way to bring over a few gifts.

Liz always has several things stashed at the house (gifts to be given in the future). For my part, I went out to get a few pastries from Medici’s (using curbside pickup), to add to the gifts we were bringing.

A note that Liz made, prior to us heading out to Valpo. Her plan was to tape this to the door.

For the record, Liz noted that this was the exact same style of illustration that she might have done as a child. I take it on myself, and on the blog, to document all the literary endeavors of author and illustrator Elizbeth Holder, creator of the beloved children’s book “Chester Chickie.”

On arriving, Liz put up the note.

After talking with Julie a few minutes on the phone, I was given the signal to knock on the front door.

Julie, seeing the Mother’s Day gifts. And of course part of the gift involved plants.

Not the best photo, but us keeping our social distance on the porch. We hung out and visited for a good while. It was hard not to go inside and hang out, but we are trying to stick to the “rules” as we know them, as difficult as it is.

Even though it was a limited visit, with an absence of hugs, it was still nice to be able to drop by (and to drop off some surprise gifts).

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