Electrical Cleanup

I wasn’t feeling super motiviated to work on the house, but ended up doing a bit of cleanup work. There’s some old conduit that Bob had disconnected for us a while back, and I got into removing a few outlets and dead runs.

Traced this outlet: one line coming in was dead/disconnected, and the other fed out of view towards the front door. I had a fairly good idea where it went, and believed it to be also disconnected/dead. Had an electrical tester to verify the outlet wasn’t getting any power, and started dismantling it.

I shoud say: I’m less certain when it comes to electrical, and have the most hesitation towards any electrical work. I need to study up more. For most things, I feel like if you make a mistake… there are ways to workaround and patch. With electrical, it feels like you get… one mistake.

Outlet dismantled. Pullled one line through into the office, and left the other in-place.

Next: up on a ladder on the front porch, to remove the super old and super rusty porch light that we had, that never really worked.

I was correct in where the second run led, and was able to just pull this through from the front porch. A little more debris/junk removed. Note the small cameo by a certain chicken that we picked up, on our trip to St. Louis last year.

It wasn’t much work, but it was house work. Trying to get back into it.

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