Working on the Parkway

Despite it being a work day, I was up super early and made it to Lowe’s for a pickup order. I had gotten 15 bags of mulch, requested curbside delivery… and things worked out surprisingly well!

They didn’t pull my order until I arrived, so there was a bit of waiting. But someone wheeled out my order to the car, and I was able to load up with no talking to anyone, no contact at all. It was actually very seamless and quite nice.

I’ve been burned before by Lowe’s, and at the particular location I went to today. But this trip was great, and I’m hoping it’s indicative of how smoothly future curbside orders will go.

The mulch was a bit went, so there was a little water in the car, due to the bags soaking some up. But nothing that got past the tarp I had down.

Drove out loaded up 15 bags, drove home, unloaded 15 bags, and made coffee – all before starting the work day. Not too shabby.

At the end of the day, we went out and Liz began mulching the parkway. I helped move bags around and did some light weeding.

The parkway, refreshed.

Another view.

Finally removing some of the decorative Christmas lights that we still had up around the porch. My argument: wait another few months, and we’d be ahead of schedule.

Resetting the Parkway Brick Path
Early Morning Roadwork
Installing a Brick Path Along the Parkway

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