Nearby Flop

I was hanging out downstairs, towards the end of the evening, with the bunnies. Phineas was nearby, and he was just sitting and minding his own business.

Daisy saddled up, and flopped over pretty hard. Not enough to make the floor shake, but she fell down hard. Liz and I were both surprised at it.

To top things off, she stayed on her side and let me pet her the whole time. Liz has gotten to do this before, but it was an absolute first for me.

It’s been a long, long time since we brought Daisy home. She’s had a rough life, and spent a long time as a classroom rabbit (and must have endured a lot of poking and proding from a lot of tiny hands).

She was skittish when we first got her, and it’s been a long, slow journey to now. I think with us being at home all the time due to Covid-19, she’s gotten even more at ease with us.

Petting her while she was flipped on her side showed me just how comfortable she’s gotten with us. A small thing to note, but a nice moment worth noting.

Daisy Flop
Double Flop

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