Yard Day

Most of our Saturday was spent outside. We’ve had a spell of rain this week, and it looks like we’ve got a few days of rain to come… but today was to be fairly warm and clear, untli the temperatures dropped in the evening.

While we discussed working on the house this weekend, it seemed like an opportunity to work outside – so we did that, instead.

Liz, ever the multi-tasker, spent some time putting some oil on the door she’s been refinishing. She was in between the yard and basement, getting both things done.

While she was weeding along the fence, I prepped a few boards that had fallen off. We got those pieces resotred, and I then went about tending to the yard.

First, I mowed things low. Then I started pulling up some of the thatch by hand.

I had looked up a few videos on this, and saw several machines that helped do this work. I scoffed a bit, having forgotten how much work this was to do. After maybe 10 minutes, I began trying to figure out where we might store the dethatcher machine I was considering buying.

I know for a fact that I didn’t get all (or even that much) of the thatch. I just hit the areas that looked the worst.

After doing another pass with the lawnmower to get all the thatch picked up, I overseeded the yard with more Black Beauty grass. We’ll see how well this helps, but it’s nice to have rain coming in the next few days.

The back area is still lush and solid, it’s the stuff that got replaced that seems more the worse for wear. If only our original sod could have stayed in, I feel like our yard would be markedly different.

Late in the afternoon, sipping on scotch by a growing fire.

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