Attic Exploration

We’ve had a lot of squirrel activity on the roof, over the past week or two. So much so that it sounds like they’re roller-skating right above our heads.

Tonight, I squeezed through a small opening in the office to get into the attic, for some investigation. With new drywall on the bedroom ceiling, we covered up the previous entrance to the attic.

It’s been a while since I’ve been up there, but things are just as I remembered: tons of insulation everywhere. More dust than I recalled though. I was stupid to not wear a mask, but it also shows just how numb I seem to be now, versus where I was before, in terms of going up to the attic.

Our attic is a sea of insulation, and any noise from squirrels is definitely coming from the roof. I explored all the way to the back, and could find no evidence of them inside our house. That said, I feel fairly convinced they’ve set up shop in our chimney, as we get the occasional bit of debris coming down into the house.

Not sure yet what we should do with the squirrels, and whether it warrants a removal service. They’re loud/annoying, but so far don’t seem to be actually inside. Though that may be a matter of time.

Expecting I’ll head up again in the near future, to try to disconnect some electrical lines. We have one or two light fixtures that I need to investigate, to see if we can rip them out entirely.

Attic Exploration (2018)
First Layer Complete: The Attic is Done!

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