The Office Shuffle

Liz and I decided to do a bit of house work during the long weekend, and opted to make Sunday our house day.

Got rid of the light fixture hanging from the main hall. The upstairs wiring had already been disconnected by Bob for some time, and I just now got around to removing this guy.

Liz popped open the small window on the South side of the house, at the top of the stairs. I’m honestly not sure we ever even opened this guy up before.

The screen was askew, and in my clumsy attempt to cover part of the window with cardboard… I knocked the screen down, and into the alley on the neighbor’s side. I had to spend some time asking our neighbors for help in retrieving the screen.

Liz repaired the screen pretty well, and we were able to catch a nice, cool breeze coming in.

Liz, searching for hardware that may have dropped.

The space on the other side of our bedroom. We got some loose insulation placed back in the floor, and got another plywood board down. Our goal is to clear this area so we can work on putting up my drywall on the other side of the bedroom wall.

After clearing a lot of “stuff” from the south side of the office, and relocating it to the north side… I found an outlet along the south wall. I was pretty certain this was something we had disconnected a while back… and I had just stuffed the other end of the conduit up into the wall, from the living room.

A slight tug later, and this thing came out with no effort.

The ghosts of things.

This ridiculous planter… we just ended up moving it.

A tarp that had been coveirng up a lot of things in the office, collecting dust over a good deal of time. We hosed it down and let it dry in the yard.

The adult in me looked on this in sadness, as the younger me would have expected a slip ‘n slide. But here I was, hosing down a dusty tarp, to fold it up again for some future day when we might want to cover something up again.

Most everything shifted over to the north wall.

The south side, mostly cleared. Our plan is to use this area as our staging/work area for the drywall.

A little scotch, with the day fading and the shadows getting long.

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The Basement Office Shuffle

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