The Hop ‘n Flop

Liz got this thing (called a “Hop ‘n Flop”) a few weeks ago, and it’s been mostly sitting unused in the bunny area. We’d sprinkle a few pellets in here some nights, to try to tempt the bunnies to venture in and try it out.

A week or so ago, Daisy started to hang out here on a semi-permanent basis. It’s definitely “hers,” if you go by claimed territory as Phineas hasn’t really done the same. After a long period of dormancy, this thing is now someplace you can frequently find Daisy. Just stretched out and relaxing.

Every time I see her in this thing, I’m chuckling and also touched she’s found it a comfortable space. In my head, this is the equivalent of a bunny Laz-E-Boy.

Daisy Flop
The Double Flop

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