Finding that line between work and the end of the work day has been a struggle for me, this week in particular. It’s always been a challenge for me to walk away from things that aren’t complete, and that feeling of late has been hard to fight.

I’ve also had a lack of energy towards anything outside of work. Hard to know if this is just me, if this is part of the whole Coronavirus thing, or what. I’ve tended to slog away at work, a process that always feels like there’s more to be done… and haven’t had much left in the tank for anything else.

The lack of motivation is a topic for another day, I think. With all of this, I’m wondering if lack of sleep is a factor. Our schedule the last few weeks has been to go to be later and later, with our lights-off time closer to 12:30 AM. But I still find myself getting up at the same early hours – usually 6:30 or so.

I don’t think I was getting the proper amount of sleep before the Coronavirus hit. And I’m prtty sure I’m not getting it now. I should actively try to head to bed earlier as an experiment, and see if that helps improve things.

[Photo via Eduardo Flores]

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