A Day of Errands, a Day Outside

Given the good weather this weekend, we had a plan to work outside. But for me, I ended up spending most of my time in the car, running from place to place.

I woke up early today, and did a bit of yard work. I watered the lawn, got some pastries from Medici’s (and convinced them to bring my order out to the car). Then I went over to Lowe’s to do another curbside pickup of 10 bags of mulch.

The Lowe’s process took a bit longer than anticipated, and I got home closer to 10:45 AM. We ended up having a late breakfast, and got to work a bit after noon.

Outside, I helped with weeding the front yard. And also helped distribute mulch where Liz wanted.

One of many bags.

We worked for a while, but around 3:30 PM I had to head out to do more curbside pickups at a few other places. I went to both Binny’s and Home Depot, and eventually got back on the road around 4:45 PM.

On the way home, a lot of the exits along Lake Shore Drive were blocked off. So it took me a bit longer to get home, having to go further south before I could cross over.

Back home, we finally set the chicken in the front yard. Prior to that though, Liz added a small Tile tracker, out of concern that someone else might come along and love the chicken as much as she does… and deem it worthy of theft.

It’s been a while since we first encountered the chicken, and I’m glad it’s officially making its yard debut.

The front yard, cleared of weeds and full with mulch.

Chicken with little chicks. One of whom I’m assuming is named Chester.

A view of the yard, from our front steps. I was up and moving around almost all day today, but Liz definitely did a lot more actual work work than me. Full day, in two different ways.

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