Buzzing and Alarms

A funny story, that happened last night after a long day. Earlier in the day, I had noticed a few flies buzzing around in our basement. I killed one or two, and knew there were one or two more we needed to track down.

Around 8:00 PM, we decided to open up a laser level we purchased from Home Depot. The item they brought out to use (via curbside pickup) actually still had the security device attached to it. We weren’t sure what to expect, but we took it down to the basement to use the wire cutters.

On arriving in the basement, we noticed a fly. And then another. And then another. At which point, Liz and I both started grabbing gloves as makeshift fly-swatters, and began going to town.

I think we easily killed maybe… 30 flies? These seemed like they were younger, lethargic, not really too worried by our presence. For some reason, they seemed to land on the door a lot, which made it easier for us to identify them.

One of many.

Liz and I were trying to figure out what happened, and why so many flies were in our basement. It’s not like a whole group of them snuck in through the door, so we assumed they might have been born/emerged somewhere. But we had no idea where.

After culling a good number, we decided to refocus our energies on getting the package open.

And man, was this a mistake. On cutting the wire, a high-pitched alarm started going off. I tried a lot of ways to disable it (prying it open, drilling into it), with little success.

The alarm stopped a few times, but started up again soon after. I’m not sure what Liz did, but she tore into the thing enough to where it stayed off. It’s currently wrapped in tape, and still quiet (I lost a $5 bet that she had fully silenced it, but apparently she did).

A small plague of flies, and a non-stop sonic assault all in one night. We were really ready to get out of the basement.

Alice in Chains: I Stay Away

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