Staying Asleep

I’d say over the last month or two, I’ve been waking up early. Maybe not earlier than normal, but I’m snapping awake regardless of how late I’ve gone to sleep the night before. Which seems… weird.

With us staying at home due to Coronavirus, we’ve needed less time in the mornings to get to work (my commute is about as long as the walk from the kitchen to my desk). So most nights, Liz and I have stayed up a little later. We’d normally get to bed around 11PM or so, but of late that’s turned into 12AM or so.

Even if I’m up closer to 1AM, I’ll still snap awake early. And it’s starting to feel like I’m now having trouble staying asleep. I’ll try to sleep in on the weekends, but it requires a more concerted effort (no alarms, and with me deciding to set my phone back down after waking up at 6:30 AM).

I get tired in the evenings, and tend to nap after dinner. And maybe I’m making up for some of that time then? But staying asleep in the mornings seems to be something harder to do. And instead of being excited to be up and early (I haven’t had a personal project in ages), it just seems a default.

As someone who has sleep anea, falling asleep is rarely a problem. Odd to now find that remaining asleep is starting to become one.

[photo via Warren Wong]

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