New Game Game Night

Liz and I have talked about getting some more boards games, as we’ve mostly just played the same ones over and again lately. So we went through a small list of good two player games, and Liz got us a few from Amazon.

I wasn’t sure which ones she got, but we settled in for new game game night. And we had not one, but two games!

First up: Shobu – a very interesting strategy game. Overall, the games are pretty quick (about 15 – 20 minutes), with a lot of different thinking involved.

The TL;DR on the rules: there are two moves per turn, one passive move and one aggressive move.

On the passive move, you need to move one of your stones up to two spaces (in any direction, including diagonal).

On the aggressive move, you need to move the exact same amount of spaces in the exact same direction, but the catch is it has to be on a board of the opposite color. And this opposite color can be either your board or your opponent’s board.

Trying to think through the sequences on this game definitely stretched our brain muscles in new directions.

And I laughed a lot when I saw the second game was Ticket to Ride, Europe. Because our default lately has been to play the original Ticket to Ride. So this doesn’t quite feel all that much like a new game (though there are some newer changes that do make it feel different).

The concept of tunnels and ferries has been an interesting variation. And the split between longer/shorter ticket destinations also makes things a bit more competitive. The geography and cities has been the hardest part for us, but we’re slowly getting the hang of out.

I just love the idea that we wanted a new game, and got this as a replacement. “Ticket to Ride is getting a little old. Let’s play Ticket to Ride Europe!”

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