Backyard Mulch

With another gorgeous weekend day, Liz and I opted once more to work outside. Part of our goal was to clear up some of the junk along the driveway, as we had a lot of old bags of soil and mulch just taking up space.

After mowing the lawn, I started moving bags of mulch for Liz to spread along the fence.

As I was working in the front driveway, Liz took down a ton of knotweed near the garden boxes. She had sprayed them a week or so ago, and after allowing that chemical to seep in… pulled these guys out.

The patch between our driveway and front entrance had gotten overgrown, so I more or less just dug it all up. This technically just covers up the problem, as I’m sure there are still a ton of weeds underneath just waiting for their chance to emerge. But in the meanwhile, it looks a bit more contained.

We worked until about 7PM, fed the bunnies, and then came out for a late fire along the driveway. The mulch really makes the flowers stand out.

As we were sitting in the driveway, looking at our lawn… I pulled up some old photos of what the backyard used to look like, when we moved in. It’s such a stark difference, and hard to believe how rough it looked, before now.

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  1. I clicked through to check out your 2014 post about how your backyard looked. Wow! You did amazing work. I would love to see side-by-side photos of the old with the new.

    Matt Maldre Reply

    • I did a lot of grunt work, but Liz did a lot more (with the planting and weeding and caretaking). It’s definitely a dramatic change from what it used to be.

      I have a then-and-now tag for a few before/after photos I took around the city. Would be a fun thing to try doing that with the backyard.

      avoision Reply

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