First Morning Walk

Liz made an observation earlier in the week that we aren’t getting much exercise at all. And I tried to give a thumbs-up in agreement, but that felt like too much effort so I just nodded instead.

With us at home all the time, and working at desks all the time, we really don’t move much at all. And so we decided to start taking some early morning walks together, before work.

So far, we’ve tried to really self-quarantine as much as possible. And so the idea of us going out and walking is a bit of a novelty. But it’s good exercise, and we’ve decide to try to do this as a regular thing.

Of course, we don’t get more than a few blocks away before we encounter a bunny. This one was a momma bunny, gathering up nesting material and prepping what Liz thought was the start of a nest for her babies.

Scoping out a new nest.

A torn and faded ad for a local medicine delivery service. I can only guess this happened right at the start of the Coronavirus lockdown.

On our trip home, yet another bunny (this one just a small toddler). Liz once again had the eagle eyes. She is most definitely a bunny person.

Someone is most definitely not messing around with their vegetable garden.

Near our house, we found a lovely note inviting passers-by to help themselves to a strawberry.

Which we did! While it was just a brief 30 minutes, we saw a lot of new things despite walking down familiar streets. The experience reminded me about why I started blogging in the first place – that there’s always something new to discover, some new context or detail or thing, within the mundane.

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