Tracy Chapman: Fast Car

I happened across this post on MetaFilter, talking about Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” – a song I haven’t heard or thought about in a long, long time.

I remember not really caring much for Chapman when I heard this song. It was ok, but I remember it having a lot of airplay (or video play perhaps). Listening to it now, as an older man, it’s a very different song to me. The lyrics are the same, but I hear them now in a way I don’t think I did or could have, when I was younger.

There’s some bit of nostalgia in this, which is odd in that I didn’t like the song the first time around… but have found myself listening to it a lot today.

Also, Chapman’s Baby Can I Hold You made an appearance on a mixtape I got once. Which is also something evoking a bit of nostalgia as well.

1980’s Cassette Mixtape as YouTube Playlist
Felix + Dzintra + Queensrÿche

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