Turtle Walk

Our walks have someone gone along the same routes, though we’re trying to vary things up a bit. I used to really prefer the same routes, back when we were running on a semi-regular basis. But for walks? I’m not so OCD that I want the same path every day.

Near Nichols Park, we happened across a very large building with a small driveway that lead to a very large embedded building/garage. That was a hospital for foreign cars?

I really need to call and set up an appointment one of these days, just to be able to walk in and look around. I’m hoping that can happen.

Near our trip home, we happened across a small garden box in a neighboring yard. And on closer inspection, it was actually a turtle habitat!

There was a sprinkler going, and this little guy looked pretty happy. Or at least what I imagine happy turtles look like.

The owners came out as I was taking this photo, and in hindsight I should have asked the turtle’s name. I really should have gone back to ask, but next time. For now, I’m going to assume his name is… Milton. He looks like a Milton.

// Edit: was just searcing for related posts, and happened to see/remember how I came across an escaped turtle flier. Looking closer, this was not the same turtle, and I’m now more than a little sad to discover this.

First Morning Walk
The Turtle Escaped

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