A Devastating New Stage of the Pandemic

A Devastating New Stage of the Pandemic is a sobering read. I’ve been pulled back in to looking up articles, and this week feels like the start of something new. Or, if I’m being really pessimistic/realistic: the continuation of something we never got under control.

The national surge is driven primarily by potentially disastrous situations in Arizona, South Carolina, Texas, Florida, and Georgia. Many virus statistics in these states now look like straight lines pointing upward. In Arizona, where President Donald Trump held a large indoor rally this week, the situation is particularly bleak.

Over the past month, the number of confirmed cases there has grown nearly fourfold; the number of people hospitalized has more than doubled. On Tuesday, the state reported more than 3,500 new cases in one day. That’s equal to 494 new cases for every 1 million residents, a figure that rivals New York State’s numbers in March and April.

I’ve found myself feeling a bit more lax lately, and this week feels like a shift. I feel like I was lulled into a sense of safety when, in fact, things are just getting worse in newer parts of the country. I’m sure Fall and Winter will bring on their own sets of spikes and challenges, but for now… we seem to be allowing the virus to thrive. We seem to be ignoring, willfully ignoring, all the danger signs.

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