Rooms and Doors

Today, Liz spent the day working in the basement on the back porch door while I was working on cleaning up the living room.

With our recent work on the dining room floor, we’ve decided to move Liz’s office/desk over to the front of the house (the living room).

But that room has been pretty messy and unused for a while. So my task was to clear out everything as much as possible, and clean up the floors so this could serve as her next temporary office.

A view of the porch door in a much earlier state, a week or so back.

A lot of the door repaired, primed, and with a fresh coat of paint.

The old hinges.

A layer of linseed oil paint.

Upstairs, after the cleaning. There was a lot of sawdust and plaster dust still everywhere. Swept things by hand, ran the shop vac over everything, and then hit it with a mop.

We’ll be ripping this floor up eventually, but for now we’ll shuffle things around from room to room as we go.

Dining Room Floor Demo
Repairing the Back Screen Door

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