Counting the Days

Like many Americans, Liz and I have been at home for… well, a while now. The two of us are fortunate to be able to still have our jobs, and to have employers who allow us to work remotely.

We live in an area that has services like food and grocery delivery available, and we’re comfortable enough financially to rely on others to venture into stores for us. While we do go out occasionally and run errands ourselves, we’ve been able to keep that to a minimum.

While we’ve taken some walks, we do spend a majority of our days inside, at home. And from time to time, we’ll wonder out loud how long we’ve been doing all this.

March seems like a year ago, but for us it started March 13th. Looking back, I laugh a little reading the last entry from that day:

Things are definitely changing at a pretty fast pace. It’s going to be a very interesting, and very different next few weeks. And possibly months.

Just doing the math now, and it’s been… 130 days. A bit over four months, that we’ve isolated at home and stopped hugging the people who don’t live under the same roof. It’s difficult to compare the description of time (four months) with the feeling of time. Because it feels like it’s been so much longer.

Liz and I have heard different dates from our employers, as far as when people might return to the office. For me, even if I were allowed to go back downtown and back into my old office, I’m not sure I’d want to.

As a mixture of both what I think will happen, and what I think I’ll choose to do, I’m fully expecting to work remotely for at least another year.

That’s 365 days from now, for anyone who’s counting.

[photo via Curtis MacNewton]

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